W Aviation Holiday Party together with Windsor Jet

Many thanks for W Aviation and Windsor jet for letting us celebrate their holiday party, we enjoyed working with the great management and the amazing team.
Throughout the whole process from the concept all the way to the delivery and on ground planning La Noche was so proud with this outcome and  truly enjoyed seeing how happy everybody was ,Thank You Again and Happy holidays …



MV1_3330 MV1_3887 MV1_3776 MV1_3525 MV1_3388 MV1_3386 MV1_3384 MV1_3379 MV1_3377 MV1_3375 MV1_3370 MV1_3367 MV1_3363 MV1_3358 MV1_3357 MV1_3350 MV1_3347 MV1_3345 MV1_3344 MV1_3342 MV1_3336 MV1_3331

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